Lemongrass Glycerine Soap bar

Lemongrass Glycerine Soap bar

Lemongrass and chai seed Glycerine Soap bar

This fresh citrus bar contains Lemongrass essential oil which helps

  • maintain skin's pH balance
  • lighten skin
  • and also leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling amaaaaazing

    Option for the text on the label. Keep the original or spice it up with one of these sassy puns: (Choose your option at the "LABEL TEXT" dropdown on the side)

    • Soap for Teachers: Smells like chalk, with a splash of creativity and a whole lot of love
    • Soap for a man's man: Smells like Bosveld, which I guess smells like firewood and Brannas.Yum.
    • Soap for Mom:  Let's take a MOM-ent to celebrate how amazing you are
    • Soap for Dad: You are DAD-o-riffic
    • Soap for Birthdays: Smells like every birthday after 21. Which is cool, because I'm 21... Just like every year....
    • Soap for Calm yo' ass down: Smells like you need a break, but here's a soap instead
    • Soap for Drinking buddies: Smells like a match made in Tequila
    • Soap for Single Ladies: Smells like "Baby ek kan braai brrodjies maak"
    • Bridesmaids are like Champagne - sparkling, bubbly an fancy AF
    • Soap for Besties: I don't know what's tighter, our jeans or our friendship
    • Soap for Besties: We'll be friends forever 'cuz you already know to much
    • Soap for the Youngest child: Smells like a looooot of backstabbing and snitching
    • Soap for the Middle child: Largely invisible scent. Go ahead and dye you hair purple, no one will notice anyway
    • Soap for the First child: Smells like you're just more important. You just had to have your own soap, didn't you?
    • Soap for Zero F*cks given: Smells like you have none left to give
    • Soap for No Ragrets: Smells like a bad tattoo, drunk dailing or a perm
    • Soap for Extroverts: "Yaaaaas bitches!!! I will bless you with my presence and dazzling personality!"
    • Soap for Introverts: UNSCENTED - because seriously, it's not like you're going anywhere anyway

    Glycerine soap (Sorbitol, Propylene glycol, Sodium Laureth Ether sulphate, Triethanoliamine, Sucrose, Aloe extract, Citrus Extract, Palm Oils, Sodium Stearate, Glycerine, Aqua, Coco glucoside), Water soluble colourant, Titanium oxide, Lemongrass essential oil, Chai seeds