Pre-packed Spicy Date Night gift box
  • Pre-packed Spicy Date Night gift box

    Ladies and Gents we present to you "The Spicy Date Night Box"!

    Whether it's your anniversary (or maybe you need a get out of jail free card for forgetting your anniversary), valentines day or just a romantic date night - this box will make for a fun and eventful night in (nudge-nudge, wink-wink). We at Alora want you to be successful in your romantic endeavours and thus we bless you with this box - you are most welcome!


    This miracle box includes:

    • 1x Set of His and Hers glasses
    • 1x Sexy Pretzies jar
    • 1x Flirty Chocballs jar
    • 1x 30ml Chocolate spread (for eating or whatever....)
    • 1x Love Potion Bath salts 
    • 1x Strip Poker Deck of cards
    • 1x Mini candle (dim the lights and let's get it on)
    • 1x 10ml Massage oil 
    • 1x Pre-makeout magic (gotta smell minty fresh)
    • 1x No excuses Panados (nothing stopping us now)
    • 1x Packet Rose petals (to set the scene)